Volunteers needed.

Donating your expertise and enthusiasm to help us serve our community even better.

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer. Accuracy and an understanding of the Canada Revenue Agency’s regulations for charities, are essential, as is willingness to adhere to requirements to submit annual reports. Secretary/Treasurer Chris is happy to guide.

Social Media Manager to ensure that content is regularly and accurately updated.

Social Media content editor and image locator to convert into good copy, the draft material provided by the Board, practitioners and partners, and to find legally available, appealing images.

Partnership developer to work with existing and potential partners and funders to identify mutual interests and co-operation opportunities.

Program planners to work within the Society and with partners from identifying needs and opportunities through concept and fund-raising to implementation, evaluation and reporting.

Hans KaiTM manager to plan and co-ordinate the range of Hans KaiTM programs and co-ordinate with host organizations, session planners, health professionals etc.

Hans KaiTM trainers to work with groups during the Hans Health Schools and then to support them once the groups are meeting regularly.

Archivist to maintain electronic and paper records.


To Volunteer please Download and Print the PDF or fill out the form below.