Choices.  Working with the Victoria Health Co-op, we plan and deliver customized Choices for a Healthy Lifestyle programs, usually 3 to 6 sessions.  What would work for your small group?


Hans Kai™  With Victoria and other Health Co-ops, we brought Hans KaiTM to British Colombia.  Hans Kai™ (“group learning”), a participant led, peer-supported wellness program was developed in Japan where it has a 50 year success record in helping people enhance their health knowledge, their ability to monitor their own basic health indicators, and their wellness-focused behaviours.   Most groups start with 5 – 40 people in reasonably good health who have some mutual interests.  They complete 9 to 12 Hans Health School sessions, 2 hours each, followed by regular participant-led sessions.  The details of the Hans Health School and the on-going sessions depend on the age of the participants, their capacity for various activities and their interests.  Hans KaiTM Adult includes recording physical health indicators and Hans KaiTM Teen focuses more on relationships and self-concept.   Link to Hans KaiTM descriptions.


We also support any aspect of the work of the Victoria Health Co-op that is provided to the users without cost.  We are very pleased that starting in Spring 2018 this will include Wellness Education programs in partnership with the James Bay Pharmasave.