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The Wellness Charity focuses on YOUR wellness and the WELLNESS of your COMMUNITY.


YOUR WELLNESS, whether you are a Wellness Practitioner or someone who recognizes and appreciates the importance of the social determinants of health and promoting health. (Read More…)


We work for the WELLNESS OF OUR COMMUNITY by developing and delivering a range of programs including (Read More…)


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Fund outstanding wellness programs, such as Hans KaiTM, wellness clinics and more.


Wellness Clinics

Health Access Fund

We care about health, about wellness. We are all fortunate in Victoria as there are so many wonderful Wellness Practitioners. We can experience their skill and care during the Monthly Wellness Clinics but some of us need a series of treatments and cannot afford the full fees that the Wellness Practitioners deserve and need. The Health Access Fund is available, upon application, to fill this gap. When you support it, you are helping a neighbour to receive the needed treatments, and ensuring that the practitioner is reimbursed appropriately. This is a wonderful gift to our community.


Choices For a Health Lifestyle

We know that Social Connections, Nutritious Food (preferably shared with friends or family), and Safety are all primary factors in the health and wellness of individuals and communities. Early in the life of the Victoria Health Co-op and the Wellness Society, we recognized that we could work with others in the community to bring simple but enjoyable social learning programs to others. With partners such as First-Met United Church Seniors, BC Housing, Our Place, Libraries we organized sessions on Healthy Nutrition even on a very Tight Budget, Healthy Exercise even when your mobility is limited, Healthy Entertainment even on a very Tight Budget, Being Safe and Healthy on cold wet day and nights, and the favourite, Glamour on a Budget. Every session included a meal with lovely home-made soup, lots of time for socialization, and exchange of information and ideas. When you support this program, you are enhancing social connections, providing useful information and contributing to wellness in our community.


Wellness Education

We can best achieve and maintain our own health when we understand the factors that influence our minds, bodies, emotions. Our Wellness Practitioners have been generous in organizing and leading Wellness Education session. When you support this work, you are helping to being knowledge to our community and enabling the organizers and presenters to have their out-of-pocket costs covered, and to provide a nutritious snacks. Thank you!


Hans KaiTM

This wonderful program originated in Japan, was brought to Canada by Nor’West Co-op in Winnipeg. Our partners at the Victoria Health Co-op were leaders in making the program available across Canada. In the core program, participants attend 9 two hour Hans Health School sessions to learn about their health indicators, the role of nutrition, exercise, social connections and how to be leader-participants in a 9 to 12 month Hans program. They arrange a schedule, invite speakers and often continue for several years. Specialized programs exist for senior, teen, transgender and work groups. Qualified personnel are always present for sessions including teens, children or others who may be vulnerable. We plan to develop a program for young families. “Hans Kai” can be translated as “Learning Group” – a great approach to wellness. We need further support for this highly effective program to increase individual and community self-reliance in achieving and maintaining health.





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