Hans Kai™ (“learning group meeting”) is a health promotion and wellness program that promotes peer support and mentorship and empowers youth to take the lead in achieving and maintaining optimal health in a peer supported environment.  Hans Kai™ was originally intended only for adults but has since been adapted for youth.

 Hans Kai™ Youth is being used in several versions to respond to the needs of youth.  The focus is health and wellbeing.  The goal of the program is to empower youth to make safe and healthy decisions regarding their lifestyle choices. All of this is supported by adults who are also equipped with the same understanding and the tools to identify potential warning signs and obtain appropriate help.

As with all Hans Kai™, the youth version is most effective when provided to groups of youth who already come together and can integrate it into their activities on a regular basis.  After-school groups, sports teams, church youth groups, school programs, are all appropriate.  Local legal requirements for appropriate supervision must be met.

Hans Kai™ Youth topics include:

Currently there are Hans Kai™ Youth groups in Winnipeg, Ontario, and Japan. Co-op members are always available to support the group as needed.  Hans Kai™ Youth includes an evaluation component. The youth in the teen groups currently use photo-voice to showcase what they have gained out of Hans Kai™ Youth.  Also, after each session they provide written feedback about what they learned, what they liked and what could be improved. A more formal evaluation of the goals of the program is currently being developed.


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