Reflexology Certification Course.

Reflexology Course

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Thanks to Chris Paul, Coast Salish artist, and partner Dr Krista Stogryn

Thanks to Chris Paul, Coast Salish artist, and partner Dr Krista Stogryn, for their amazing, generous gift of Chris’ art creation “Our Gift” depicting an individual held gently by the Co-op and supported by the blanket of the community. Come to meet “Our Gift” and join the list of generous donors who will be receiving […]

Meet The Print – Our Gift

Internationally recognized Coast Salish artist, Chris Paul, and his partner, Dr Krista Stogryn have made a wonderful gift to the Creating Community Wellness Society. Chris specially designed a beautiful giclee print, portraying an individual, being held in the care of the Society and wrapped in the blanket of the wider community. The gift of this print. which we now offer to […]

Wellness Clinic on Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Victoria Health Co-operative Book your appointment now for the Wellness Clinic on Sunday, January 28th, 2018 Welcome to the first Wellness Clinic of 2018, Sunday January 28th. Open to all members of the Victoria Health Co-op, $50 lifetime membership. Even though the medical component of the Co-op has been sold, an aspect of our negotiation […]

The Gift

The Gift– a Print to support the Wellness Charity and its wellness and community outreach work through the Victoria Health Co-op What generosity! A very community focused couple, artist Chris Paul and doctor Krista Stogryn have created a wonderful image of care and wellness for The Vic Health Co-op. Chris is offering the Co-op 50 […]


Donation to the Victoria Health Cooperative December 12, 2017 “Our Gift” is our humble offering, to acknowledge the Victoria Health Cooperative for all its hard work in supporting the health centre and its devoted team of physicians and staff in the care of our patients. Pictured in front is the individual, a vulnerable person surrounded […]

Throughout 2015

Throughout the year, the CCWS will initiate additional Adult Hans Kai groups in the CRD and work towards the first Young Hans Kai programs in Victoria. During 2015 we will continue to seek funding for a Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner to work as a Health Navigator, take a lead in the establishment of HansKai, […]

January 2015

The CCWS is scheduled to deliver the first Hans Kai “Health School” in Victoria.

October 9

A CCWS representative will Chair the Forum on Local Health and Social Services at the International Co-operative Summit.

October 7 – 8

CCWS representatives will receive further training in the Hans Kai program which leads participants through 16 hours of “Health School” and supports them, in community groups, to monitor and manage their own health.  CCWS will also participate in the development of Young Hans Kai.