The Gift– a Print to support the Wellness Charity and its wellness and community outreach work through the Victoria Health Co-op
What generosity! A very community focused couple, artist Chris Paul and doctor Krista Stogryn have created a wonderful image of care and wellness for The Vic Health Co-op. Chris is offering the Co-op 50 prints to raise funds for the wellness and community outreach work of the Co-op. We need these funds to give a 2018 boost to our work of healing and wellness for our own member-owners (around 30 highly qualified wellness specialists and over 300 of us who believe in staying healthy rather than needing medical attention) and for wellness education in the wider community.
The timing is so perfect. For the past 9 years our energy has been focused on subsidizing the facilities and services used by the MDs at the Co-op Health Centre in the space previously used by the James Bay Community Project clinic until it was no longer viable. Although this has been a serious drain on our finances and energy we are proud that we maintained this service for up to 7,400 patients. But now we are totally delighted that Troy McLeod, a Duncan MD who already owns and operates two clinics, is purchasing our medical practice.
This is an entirely win-win situation. The Victoria Health Co-op will continue the Monthly Members-only Wellness Clinics, and is already working on three community outreach projects. Dr. Troy will ensure that there is co-operation between the clinic, to be named the Whiteye Community Health Centre and the Wellness work of the Vic Health Co-op. The patients will continue to receive services under the medical service plan of BC (BC-MSP) and will continue to be greeted by our outstanding team of Medical Office Assistants, Val, Neeraj and Destiny. And the Board and members of the Victoria Health Co-op will no longer be faced every month with having to subsidize the MD’s work-place. Everyone wins.
And, to celebrate and get us back strongly to our Community Outreach and focus on Wellness Practice and Education, we have the lovely gift from Chris and Krista. Please watch our Facebook and Website (yes, we have a new volunteer to help with these also) to learn how you can be involved, or to ask any questions about how we are refocusing on our original work.

Vanessa Hammond, Chair 250-415-9272

The cast of characters
For these three see the words Krista has on the Our Gift write up.
The print is…..
Chris Paul is….
Krista Stogryn is…

Troy McLeod is an MD, passionate about family practice, who owns and operates clinics in Duncan and Langford, and has added the clinic at 547 Michigan St, James Bay.
Val, Neeraj and Destiny are the wonderful team of Medical Office Assistants (Val as Supervisor) who keep patients and doctors organized at the clinic at 547 Michigan St.
Vanessa is Chair of the Creating Community Wellness Society. Ask her about charitable donations for Wellness work provided at no cost to the user. She is also Chair of the Victoria Health Co-op, has just retired after 6 years as Chair of the Health Care Co-op Federation of Canada and the North American representative to the International Health Co-op Organization. She is passionate about the pre-history, archaeology and early history of Ireland and the other Celtic lands, taking a small group every year to explore the island’s beauty, history and mythology. She is grandmother to 4 and great-grandmother to two avid readers. Her 2018 wishes – to drive a semi and ride a zipline.

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