We are a small group of volunteers who support wellness, well-being and health activities and programs for individuals and communities, primarily on Vancouver Island.

We  are committed to focusing on wellness for ourselves and our community.  We work closely with the Wellness Practitioners and Co-op experts in the Victoria Health Co-ops.

The Board

Board Chair:  Vanessa Hammond, 250 415 9272  wellnesscharity@gmail.com  For questions about the charity’s policies and projects.

Treasurer: Dylan Bos  dylanjbos@icloud.com for information about making a charitable donation.



Chris Paul – artist

Krista Stogryn – healer/physician

Phoenix Sophia – artist

John Overall – web designer

Practitioner Lead:  Dacia Moss dacia@telus.net for information about the wide range of Wellness services available, the Monthly Wellness Clinics and the Health Access Fund.

“Our Gift” fund raiser: Coast Salish artist Chris Paul clutch74@shaw.ca and kstogryn@hotmail.com for Dr Krista Stogryn.

All the practitioners who donate their time at the Victoria Health Co-op’s Member Wellness Clinics and through the Health Access Fund.